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Seigokan Japan

Seigokan History

1922 – Seigo Tada born on February 18th in Kyoto, Japan.

1937 – Learned Chinese martial art (Chinese Kenpo) from Mr. Ching Lou.

1939 – Entered Karate Club of Ritsumeikan University. Studied with Mr. Chojun Miyagi, founder of Goju-ryu. Became Supervisor of Karate Club of Ritsumeikan University.

1945 – Established Nihon Goju-ryu Karate Doshikai, Nihon Seigokan Karate Doshikai, and Nihon Seigokan In Kyoto City. He instituted training of wholesome hearts and bodies, the education and popularization of legitimate karate-do for young men and women in each area. He lead 120 Seigokan branches of 10 Karate Clubs (Osaka University, Shiga University, Bukkyo University, Osaka Dental College, Kyoto Foreign Language College, Kyoto Institute of Technology and Textile, Kyoto Pharmaceutical College, Yamaguchi University, Tokuyama University, and Kyushu Kyoritsu University) , Karate Clubs of many enterprises, and 20 Overseas branches of Seigokan as President and Chief instructor. The number of Seigokan members is over 200,000 now.

1964 – Helped establish All Japan Karate-do League, Karate-do Federation of Kansai District, Karate-do Federation of Kinki District and organized metropolitan prefectures Karate-do League as a promoter and executive. Pushed on with the administration to support Union of each group of Karate-do. Tried for establishment of rules and competition and developed protectors originally (1952).

Promoted All Japan Tournament, International Tournament, Japan National Tournament, joining Olympics as well as Tournament with protectors. Career Member of Central Leading Council in all Japan Karate-do.

– Director of All Japan Karate-do Federation
– Secretary-General of Kansai District Karate-do Federation
– Secretary-General of Kinki District Karate-do Federation
– Chief Secretary and Vice President of Hyogo Prefecture Karate-do Federation

Official Competition
– Chief Referee: 1st All Japan Karate-do Tournament (1969)
– Inspector: 2nd All Japan Karate-do Federation
– Chief Referee: 3rd All Japan Karate-do Federation
– Director of Head Office: WUKO 1st World Karate-do Tournament in Osaka (1970)
– Inspector: WUKO 2nd World Karate-do Tournament in Paris (1972)
– Inspector: APUKO 1st Asia and Pacific Karate-do Tournament in Singapore (1973)

Joined 36th All Japan Sports Tournament in Shiga Prefecture as Chairman of executive committee of All Japan Karate-do Federation. The team of Shiga Prefecture got 1st prize in Karate-do (1981)

In international activities, he established Seigokan in Hong Kong and Macau in 1967 to promote understanding and popularization of Karate-do in foreign countries as well as affiliation in the Olympic games. Since then he has visited England, USA, Brazil, India, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Finland, West Germany, Singapore, Philippines and other countries to lead and educate instructors. Received prize for athletic merits in 1981.

He was handsome, active and young all the time.

1997 – September 18th. Seigo Tada, Chairman and Founder of the SeigoKan, at one time the largest Goju-ryu Organization in Japan dies in Himeji, Japan, at the Honbu Dojo by an heart attack. His wife, Mrs Okamoto Michiko (Seigo Tada II) and now Sandaime Kancho (Seigo Tada III) continues his efforts of SeigoKan Goju-ryu in Japan and all over the world.